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Instructions following meeting with Government members

September 6, 2023

Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions following a meeting with Government members held on July 19, 2023.

The Government of the Russian Federation has been instructed to ensure the implementation of measures to support the activities of AI research centres until 2030, with a special focus on research aimed at optimising machine learning algorithms and computing processes, including the development of large language models and generative artificial intelligence projects, and providing appropriate federal funding for such research.

The Government, with the involvement of state corporations and companies co-owned by the state, has been instructed to oversee the adjustment of their digital transformation strategies to expedite the introduction of AI-enabled solutions in such corporations and entities’ processes.

Further instructions to the Government relate to making the use of innovative technologies, including AI, a mandatory requirement when granting federal budget subsidies to businesses, and introducing measures aimed at raising the level of AI competence of specialists in key industries and public services, as well as civil servants in state and municipal administration.

The Government has also been instructed to consider ways to create favourable conditions for the development of supercomputers, including through incentives and preferences for Russian manufacturers of components for supercomputers; grants for scientists and subsidies for small and medium-sized technology companies to finance their use of supercomputers; development and implementation of educational programmes to train AI specialists at leading research centres; and delimitation of responsibilities for the creation and use of artificial intelligence technologies and complex neural networks.

The Government of the Russian Federation jointly with the Russian Academy of Sciences has been instructed to monitor the efficiency of federal spending to finance AI research and the use of AI technologies in scientific research under the state programme Science and Technology Development of the Russian Federation.

The Government of the Russian Federation jointly with the State Duma has been instructed to amend the laws on pilot legal regimes in the field of digital innovation that are intended, among other things, to streamline the mechanisms of liability insurance for damage caused as a result of the use of artificial intelligence.

September 6, 2023