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Instructions following meeting on road construction

July 13, 2022

Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions following a meeting on road construction held on June 2, 2022.

The Government of the Russian Federation has been instructed to approve a five-year road construction plan for 2023–2027, which should, in particular, include drawing up a list of roads to be built, upgraded, or overhauled; using modern materials and equipment, produced mainly in Russia; applying new technology, materials and solutions for road construction, engaging Russian research centres and relevant higher education institutions in their development; and bringing at least 85 percent of the country’s basic road network up to standard by the end of 2027.

Other instructions have to do with determining the amounts and sources of funding for the projects included in the five-year plan, and extending the Safe and High-Quality Roads national project, the state programme for the development of the transport system and other relevant federal programmes until 2030.

Recommendations have been issued for senior officials of the Russian regions to approve their road activity plans for 2023–2027, taking into account the targets stipulated in the Government’s five-year plan and the need to maintain or bring up to standard at least 85 percent of basic road network.

July 13, 2022