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Instructions following a plenary session of the congress of the RSPP

April 29, 2023

Vladimir Putin endorsed a list of instructions following a plenary session of the congress and meeting with members of the Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) on March 16, 2023.

The Government of the Russian Federation received instructions on granting preferential mortgage loans to pedagogical workers at secondary vocational schools; making adjustments in the standards for the composition of wastewater discharged during industrial production in centralised water drainage systems, as well as requirements for wastewater discharges by industrial companies into reservoirs with account for targeted indicators of water quality standards in those reservoirs.

The Government was also instructed to present proposals on clarifying the procedure for paying part of the profit by resident legal entities to their members that are foreign citizens linked with the foreign states that are committing unfriendly actions as regards the Russian Federation and Russian legal entities and individuals, or if they are under control of the said foreign citizens, including when resident companies expand production in Russia, develop businesses linked with new technology or invest in the Russian economy.

The Government was instructed, along with the Bank of Russia and with cooperation from the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), to review the possibility of annual public non-fiscal reports by large Russian companies. These reports should include, in part, information on compliance with the principles of responsible business conduct, such as sustainable strategic development in the Russian Federation, care for employees and their family members, support for social programmes, implementation of projects related to environmental protection and the strengthening of the homeland.

The Government was instructed, along with the Bank of Russia, to complete the drafting of the main areas and criteria for projects for the sustainable development of the Russian Federation (taxonomy) with consideration for the principles of responsible business behaviour. They should also provide for measures of state support for the instruments of funding said development.

The Government of the Russian Federation, along with the RSPP, was instructed to take measures to attract private investment for implementing projects on building particular facilities on the North-South transport corridor, and also to submit proposals on encouraging employers to join the employer associations system.

The Government, along with the RSPP and the regional government executive branches, was instructed to review the drafting and implementation of the industrial renovation project that envisions the construction of multimodal industrial parks, in part, with the use of government support measures, and to clarify the parameters of the industrial mortgage mechanism, considering the need to expand its coverage.

The Government along with the RSPP, was instructed to ensure the upgrading of the professional guidance programmes for schoolchildren with consideration for the development of modern production lines and the introduction of interactive technology.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education, along with the Ministry of Education and the RSPP, was instructed to ensure the education of qualified logistics experts for the Republic of Dagestan, in part, based on the latter’s education institutions.

The RSPP was advised to present proposals on introducing amendments, to reduce excessive pressure on businesses, into the criminal and criminal procedure legislation on economic issues. It was also advised to institute a prize for entrepreneurial activity for Russian companies that follow the principle of responsible business behaviour.

April 29, 2023