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Working meeting with Director of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) Andrei Belyaninov

December 6, 2013, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region

Mr Belyaninov briefed Vladimir Putin on the FCS’s preliminary results for 2013.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Belyaninov, as usual at the end of the year, let’s start with revenue: how is the plan going, how do you assess the results, and what is your estimate for the overall results at the end of the year?

Director of The Federal Customs Service Andrei Belyaninov: Regarding collection of customs payments for the 11 months of the year, it is in keeping with the dynamic we have seen over these last years. We planned for almost 6.5 trillion rubles, and we will achieve this target, but the work is quite intense now. 

The next slide shows the situation with import duties. They will amount to around 34–35 percent of total duties collected. I note that collection of this category of duties has dropped slightly. It is probably related to replacement of imports with domestic products. This reflects a drop in imports, and probably a drop in overall consumption levels too. This is something we need to analyse. We will need to examine both factors at the end of the year.

Vladimir Putin: The second factor is also very important.

Andrei Belyaninov: Mr President, the next slide shows the situation with exports. We plan to make up for the drop in import duty collection with an increase in export duty collection. Customs duties on exports will help us here.

If you look at the structure, the country has been going through a changing dynamic over the last three years. The main revenue sources for us of course are everything connected to hydrocarbon exports.

Vladimir Putin: In 2011, they accounted for 63 percent of revenue, and now for 58.1 percent.

Andrei Belyaninov: Gas sales are growing.

Vladimir Putin: In terms of absolute figures, perhaps, they are growing, but as a percentage we see a decrease.

Andrei Belyaninov: Mr President, let me point out that with regard to this particular sector, we have growing gas sales and oil product sales, but the share of crude oil has fallen. We are exporting products with higher added value. I would say this is a positive trend.

Vladimir Putin: So duties on crude oil are falling.

Andrei Belyaninov: Yes.

Vladimir Putin: That is what I am saying: that this sector accounted for 63 percent before, but now has dropped to 58 percent.

Andrei Belyaninov: Yes, but actual exports of oil products are growing.

Vladimir Putin: And we are exporting more goods with higher added value.

Andrei Belyaninov: This is probably a positive change that we need to monitor and encourage.

Vladimir Putin: What will be the result for the year?

Andrei Belyaninov: Our plan is to collect 6.46 trillion rubles. We will meet this target and perhaps even exceed it slightly, though probably only by a very small amount. December will show the whole situation most clearly. We need to collect more than 500 billion rubles for December. At the moment, we are within our deadlines.

Vladimir Putin: So everything is going according to plan?

Andrei Belyaninov: Yes, we will meet our targets, Mr President.

Vladimir Putin: Good.


December 6, 2013, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region