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Instructions following a meeting on metallurgy development

May 18, 2022

The President approved a list of instructions following a meeting on the development of Russia’s metallurgical industry held on April 20, 2022.

The Government was instructed to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the measures taken by the WTO member states in 2022 designed to restrict trade with the Russian Federation for compliance with this Organisation’s rules and principles and to submit proposals for appealing these measures within the Organisation, as well as for updating Russia’s participation strategy in the World Trade Organisation.

The Government was also instructed to approve a strategy for the development of Russia’s metallurgical industry until 2030, to include annual benchmarks for target metal consumption on the domestic market; export destinations for Russian metal products with account taken of the restrictive measures imposed on Russia and the need to quickly develop the transport infrastructure that is used for exporting these products; and benchmarks used for monitoring the increase in the level of metal processing in Russia and the development of the production of high value-added metal products.

In addition, the Government was instructed to include in the strategy for the development of the metallurgical industry until 2030 a list of measures aimed at increasing the consumption of domestic metal products on the domestic market and reducing prices of these products; increasing the level of metal processing in Russia and developing the production of high value-added metal products; and ensuring the uninterrupted supply of Russia’ s metallurgical factories with critically important raw materials, equipment, components and materials, including by way of setting up their production in Russia.

As part of the efforts to draft the strategy for the development of Russia’s metallurgical industry until 2030, the Government was instructed to consider streamlining the tax burden on metallurgical factories and coal enterprises, as well as revising tariffs for Russian Railways’ services and electricity supply, taking into account the need to balance the interests of domestic infrastructure companies and metallurgical factories.

May 18, 2022