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Instructions following meeting with Government members

March 8, 2021

The President approved a list of instructions following a meeting with members of the Russian Federation Government, held on February 10, 2021.

The Government of the Russian Federation and regional executive agencies were instructed to analyse the remuneration scheme for public sector workers and to find out whether wage levels for these workers meet the specific targets stipulated by Presidential Executive Order dated May 7, 2012, On Measures to Implement State Social Policy. The survey is to be conducted with due consideration for all information about the employees, including their official positions, working conditions, work records, qualification levels and other conditions, as well as information about the correlation between the average monthly wages of managers, deputy managers and chief accountants of organisations and the average monthly wages of organisations’ employees (excluding the wages of managers, deputy managers and chief accountants).

Following the results of the survey, the Government will be expected to help eliminate the causes of failure to achieve wage targets for public sector workers, as stipulated by the Presidential Executive Order of May 7, 2012 and to implement a range of measures aimed at improving the remuneration system for the employees of such organisations.

In addition, the Government was instructed to finalize draft federal law On Amendments to Federal Law On Insolvency (Bankruptcy) and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation, and to submit proposals on specifying and differentiating official wages and wage rates of research workers of state and municipal organisations, depending on their official positions and qualification levels.

March 8, 2021