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Address on Agriculture and Processing Industry Workers' Day

October 8, 2017

Vladimir Putin congratulated agroindustry workers on their professional holiday – Agriculture and Processing Industry Workers' Day.

Agriculture and Processing Industry Workers' Day is marked annually on the second Sunday of October.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends, my congratulations on Agriculture and Processing Industry Workers' Day.

First, I would like to thank all those who work in rural areas, in the fields, at cattle farms and at processing enterprises, for your labour, your hard, intense work, which is very important and needed, for your commitment, stamina and talent. You are sincerely dedicated to your land and your work, you know how to manage your resources carefully and sustainably, and this is why you succeed.

Today agriculture, the agro-industrial complex as a whole is one of the most rapidly developing branches of our economy. This year we expect a record-high grain harvest of around 130 million tonnes, and this has been achieved despite the unfavourable weather conditions.

Russia has reaffirmed its status as the world's leading grain power and holds forefront positions in world wheat exports. There are positive trends in other sectors as well, such as pork and poultry production and harvesting of oil-bearing crops, sugar beet, fruit and vegetables.

We see that measures aimed at boosting the industry prove to be efficient. It is also pleasing that different types of agricultural companies are evolving – not only large enterprises by also small farms.

This is a good trend showing the revival of true Russian traditions. The support of the farm movement, as well as measures aimed at promoting the overall progress of agriculture, will certainly be continued.

We must move forward, to increase the output of ecologically pure produce, to develop deep processing, to strengthen our positions in the domestic and global markets, and to competently use the natural advantages of our agriculture.

Of course, improving the quality of life in rural areas remains our priority. It means strengthening the social sphere, renovating schools, health clinics, cultural centres, building roads and developing rural territories.

Friends, let me thank you once again for your labour. You can be proud of your work. My heartfelt congratulations on your professional holiday. I wish you good health and success!

October 8, 2017