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Instructions following an inspection of compliance with legal regulations and presidential executive orders to expand the grain complex and bread production

July 3, 2018

Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions following an inspection to check compliance with legal regulations and presidential executive orders to expand the grain complex and bread production.

To encourage the production and consumption of high-quality baked goods and other products made from processed grain, the Government of the Russian Federation was instructed to amend legislation on food services at state and municipal healthcare, education and social care institutions to establish standards for product quality and mineral and vitamin content in bread products.

In addition, the Government was instructed to amend the 2013–2020 State Programme for Agricultural Development and Regulation of Agricultural Products, Commodities and Food Markets. The changes provide for an increase in the gross harvest of strong and valuable wheat of at least 32 million tonnes by 2024; linking the size of subsidies with the quality of the grain; establishing benchmarks throughout the life cycle of production of grain and products of grain processing; introducing a mechanism for automated forecasting of the grain complex’s growth, as well as layouts for the best placement of production sites, storage facilities, transport and grain processing plants.

The 2017–2025 Federal Scientific and Technical Programme for the Development of Agriculture should be amended to encourage the introduction of new production technologies, including in the sphere of breeding.

The Prosecutor General's Office was instructed to check the activities of federal executive bodies for control and supervision in the sphere of ensuring quality and safety of grain and products of processed grain.

July 3, 2018