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Greetings on Agriculture and Processing Industry Workers’ Day

October 13, 2019, Moscow

The President sent his greetings to the agroindustry workers on the occasion of their professional day, Agriculture and Processing Industry Workers’ Day.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends, staff and veteran workers of the agriculture industry,

Please accept my heartfelt greetings on the occasion of your professional day. First of all, I would like to wish health and prosperity to you and your families and to thank you for your hard work which the country and all of us need so much.

Agriculture is a basic industry the performance of which has a direct influence on the quality of people’s life. It is important that the national agricultural industry has been developing steadily. Moreover, it is strengthening its impact on the global market, which is proof of its efficiency and increasing competitiveness. This also shows that Russian products have won the well-deserved recognition and trust of the consumers in Russia and other countries.

We export our agrarian products to over 150 countries. As of last year, Russia was the world’s largest exporter of wheat and was one of the top three exporters of barley and sunflower and rapeseed oil. All of this is the result of your hard work and high professionalism. We certainly must and will continue to move forward and will build up our potential.

Another key goal for us, of course, is to make sure that life in the rural areas meets the best modern standards when it comes to housing, infrastructure and general comforts, so that all of you will be proud not only of your work but also of your home villages or towns.

In conclusion, I would like to wish you all the very best on the occasion of your professional day and to thank you for what you are doing for the country.

I wish you every success and all the best.

October 13, 2019, Moscow