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Working meeting with Chairman of the Pension Fund Board Anton Drozdov

June 8, 2015

Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Chairman of the Pension Fund Board Anton Drozdov.

Mr Drozdov briefed the President on the Fund’s main results for the year so far. The Pension Fund pays out around 40 different types of pensions and social benefits. Its tasks are to collect contributions, keep individual accounts of pension rights, set payments and pensions, and manage registers and records. Mr Drozdov said that collection of contributions is growing, steps are underway to improve administration processes, so as to reduce costs for business and the state, and pensions are being indexed for inflation.

The Pension Fund is carrying out a programme to co-finance social programmes in the regions. The programme involves work to bolster public social institutions’ material and technical base, provide targeted assistance for non-working pensioners in difficult circumstances (in particular in Khakasia and Trans-Baikal Region, which were hit by wildfires) and funding computer literacy courses for non-working pensioners, so as to give them greater access to quality services.

Mr Drozdov said that the Fund will be able to fulfil in full its social commitments and responsibilities this year.

June 8, 2015