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Commission for the Disabled

November 26, 2014, Moscow

A session of the Presidential Commission for the Disabled was chaired by Presidential Adviser Alexandra Levitskaya. The meeting addressed creating conditions for disabled individuals and other groups with low mobility to participate in society’s cultural life.

Participants in the meeting included State Duma Commission for Labour, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs Chairperson Olga Batalina, well-known cultural figures, heads of leading museums, theatres, libraries and academic organisations, and representatives from executive agencies in Moscow Region, Vladimir Region, Omsk Region and Perm Territory.

Russia’s Culture Ministry suggested creating a national centre for promoting special methods and programmes to teach disabled individuals, as well as providing support for festivals with participation by disabled people within the framework of the Russian Culture federal target programme. Work will be organised to further create legislation on forming conditions for disabled individuals to participate in cultural life.

November 26, 2014, Moscow