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Instructions following a meeting with people with disabilities and representatives of public organisations and professional associations supporting such people

January 13, 2018

Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions following the December 5, 2017 meeting with people with disabilities and representatives of public organisations and professional associations that help such people.

In a comprehensive approach to building a barrier-free environment and ensuring access for people with disabilities to key facilities of the social, transport and engineering infrastructure, the Government has been instructed to pass a resolution on extending the 2011–2020 Accessible Environment federal programme until 2025.

The instructions specifically concern ensuring accessibility and improving the quality of rehabilitation equipment, developing a record keeping system to track the needs of people with disabilities for such equipment; advancing the rehabilitation industry; improving the medical and social assessment procedures; developing a federal research and training centre for comprehensive rehabilitation of people with disabilities; increasing the share of secondary and higher education institutions providing facilities for people with limited health capacities and people with disabilities, including distance learning.

Additionally, the instructions concern the creation of an inclusive cultural centre, developing and funding wheelchair dancing, expanding the Abilympics National Professional Skills Competitions, training the Russian national team for the Abilympics international championships, and state support for the Mimics and Gesture Theatre private company.

Separate instructions and recommendations have been given to the Government to be fulfilled jointly with regional executive officials and the Civic Chamber, as well as the Ministry of Culture and the Central Election Commission.

January 13, 2018