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Greetings to participants, organisers and guests of the Russian Paralympic Committee’s Return to Life award ceremony

December 6, 2018

Vladimir Putin sent greetings to participants, organisers and guests of the 13th award ceremony of the Russian Paralympic Committee’s Return to Life Prize.

The message reads, in part:

“Today we wholeheartedly congratulate our prize winners – the champions and record holders who represented Russian sports at the 12th Winter Paralympics in PyeongChang and other important international tournaments this year. These talented, energetic and strong-willed people have not only scored individual victories but have also opened a new page in the history of Russian and international Paralympic movement and have become a source of inspiration for others. The prize has also been awarded to our best coaches, mentors and organisers who honed our athletes’ self-confidence and helped them move forward to their goals.

I would like to stress that the state will continue to support our Paralympians and create conditions for their victorious performance.”

December 6, 2018