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Amendments to legislation on visits to Russia by foreigners with diseases posing a danger to others

July 30, 2017

Vladimir Putin signed Federal Law On Amendments to Article 2510 of the Federal Law On Procedures for Entry to and Exit from the Russian Federation.

The Federal Law aims to enhance migration legislation regulating the presence in the Russian Federation of foreign citizens or stateless persons known to have infectious diseases that pose a danger to others.

To this effect, amendments have been made to the Federal Law On Procedures for Entry to and Exit from the Russian Federation making it possible to overturn a decision declaring unwelcome the presence on Russian soil of a foreign citizen or stateless person known to have an infectious disease considered dangerous to others if evidence is provided that they have been cured of the disease. This decision’s effect can be suspended if the person in question refuses to receive medical treatment in the Russian Federation and leaves to seek treatment abroad. The Government is responsible for setting procedures for suspending or overturning the decision.

July 30, 2017