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German Klimenko met with leading oncology experts

March 21, 2018, Moscow

Presidential Adviser German Klimenko has held a meeting with Acting Director of N.N. Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Centre, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Ivan Stilidi, and Director of the Russian Scientific Centre of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine of the Russian Federation Health Ministry, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, and Doctor Emeritus of Russia Vladimir Solodkin. The discussion focused on the use of digital technology in the early detection of cancer.

As part of his visit to the Russian Cancer Research Centre, the Presidential Adviser had an opportunity to learn about a mass screening system for the early detection of breast cancer. He also discussed with the centre’s senior executives ways of making better use of digital medicine in cancer treatment.

Mr Klimenko said that with its experience and capabilities, the Russian Cancer Research Centre could contribute to the creation of a government system for early detection of cancer in keeping with the presidential instructions issued following the annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly on March 1, 2018.

At the Russian Scientific Centre of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, the Presidential Adviser discussed ways of reducing incidence rates through early detection and digital medical solutions.

Mr Klimenko noted that the introduction of digital medical solutions would help spread the practices developed by leading medical institutions across the country, laying the groundwork for the creation of unified standards for digitising screening materials and for the creation of a medical data exchange system. Together with the relevant legislative and regulatory initiatives, this approach would help with the early detection of cancer and pre-cancerous conditions and preventive care.

March 21, 2018, Moscow