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Visit to Morozov Children’s Hospital

June 1, 2018, Moscow

Vladimir Putin toured a new building of the Morozov Children’s City Clinical Hospital on International Children’s Day. He was shown around the hospital and talked to medical personnel and several patients.

The hospital’s Chief Physician and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin told the President about the hospital’s work.

Vladimir Putin also took part in a videoconference with a hospital in Sevastopol, Crimea.

* * *

Videoconference with a Sevastopol children’s hospital

Vladimir Putin: Mr Slobodyanik, colleagues, good afternoon. Greetings on Children’s Day.

Mr Koltunov [Chief Physician at the Morozov Children’s City Clinical Hospital] has just spoken about the work with advanced technology, including with your hospital in Sevastopol.

What do you think about how the work is organised, and what would you like to add?

Chief Physician Alexei Slobodyanik: Mr President, the work in this hospital has been underway for a very long time. Thanks to the Moscow Government’s support, we have installed advanced telecommunications equipment and have held over 50 consultations as of today.

Now we can receive all the necessary information as well as hold videoconference consultations with our colleagues weekly.

However, it is not just about videoconferences. It is virtually possible to be treated at the Morozov Children’s Hospital here monthly. Recently, we have sent over 100 children to the Morozov Hospital, and about 25 children have received high-tech medical care there.

It goes without saying that this would not have happened without the support of the Moscow Government and its supervision over Sevastopol. In particular, we would not have had this equipment or such close contacts without the Moscow Government and its joint work with the Governor.

Vladimir Putin: Does your clinic cooperate with other Sevastopol hospitals?

Alexei Slobodyanik: Yes, of course.

We use the telecommunications equipment for this. We work actively with the Kulakov Centre, the Filatov Hospital and St Petersburg hospitals, because this equipment allows us to hold consultations with all the leading clinics.

Vladimir Putin: Excellent. I wish you success. Greetings on Children’s Day once again. Thank you.

June 1, 2018, Moscow