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Instructions on production and circulation of immunobiological medicines

July 20, 2019

The President approved a list of instructions on the production and circulation of immunobiological medicines.

The Government has been instructed to ensure the inclusion of immunobiological medicines used for immunoprophylaxis as part of the immunisation schedule for epidemic indications in the list of essential and the most important medicines.

The instructions to the Government also concern the procurement of such medicines, as well as the development of a strategy for improving immunoprophylaxis of infectious diseases until 2035. At the same time, the primary tasks to be fulfilled by 2025 are to meet the demand for immunobiological medicines and organise a full cycle of vaccine production at Russian enterprises for the vaccines included in the national preventive vaccination schedule and the vaccination schedule for epidemic indications, including key and starting components of these vaccines.

The relevant instructions have been issued to the Healthcare Ministry and the Industry and Trade Ministry.

July 20, 2019