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Instructions following meeting on healthcare system readiness for autumn-winter epidemic season

August 6, 2020

The President approved a list of instructions following the July 29, 2020, meeting on the readiness of the healthcare system for the 2020–2021 autumn and winter epidemic season.

The Russian Government was instructed to provide funding for measures to prevent acute respiratory infections during the 2020–2021 autumn and winter epidemic season by organising flu vaccination for up to 60 percent of Russia’s population, and up to 75 percent of at-risk individuals, as well as vaccination against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) after state registration of the respective vaccines.

Instructions for the Government also include the allocation of priority funding to meet healthcare organisations’ demand for medications and medical products required for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of acute respiratory infections, including the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), during the 2020–2021 autumn and winter epidemic season. The Government was also instructed to monitor the sufficiency of the said medications produced and supplied by Russian pharmaceutical companies to the domestic market.

The Government and regional executive bodies were instructed to maintain a reserve of hospital beds specifically equipped for treating patients with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) during the 2020–2021 autumn and winter epidemic season, and to allocate additional beds, including those for treating patients with complicated cases of the flu and other acute respiratory infections, as well as to expand the usage of modern electronic technology in healthcare for remote interaction between doctors and patients.

Specific recommendations were given to regional executive bodies.

August 6, 2020