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Greetings on the 110th anniversary of Sergei Botkin Hospital

December 23, 2020

Vladimir Putin congratulated the staff at Sergei Botkin Hospital on its 110th anniversary.

The message reads, in part:

“The anniversary of a leading medical institution in Moscow and Russia is an important date, not only for you but for Russian healthcare in general. Kozma Soldatyonkov, a large manufacturer and philanthropist, a true devotee, stood at the origins of creating a free hospital for all social strata. His charitable idea was supported by famous public and state figures as well as outstanding representatives of the medical community. And thus the hospital opened on December 23, 1910.

Always, at all times, highly qualified professionals have worked there: talented scientists, doctors and nurses, who made caring about people their dedication and moral choice. In past decades they have done a lot to develop medical science and create unique methods to treat, diagnose and prevent diseases. During this difficult year you have proven that the traditions of mercy, valour and duty can overcome any ordeal. I know about the Botkin Hospital staff’s contribution to fighting the coronavirus pandemic and providing regular care to thousands of patients.”

December 23, 2020