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Instructions following joint meeting of State Council and Council for Strategic Development and National Projects

January 16, 2021

Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions following a joint meeting of the State Council and the Council for Strategic Development and National Projects held on December 23, 2020.

The Government of the Russian Federation has been instructed to finalise by February 1, 2021 the draft Unified Plan for Achieving the National Development Goals until 2024 and the planning period until 2030, taking the draft as the basis.

The Government is to submit the finalised draft for consideration by the Presidential Council for Strategic Development and National Projects and adjust, if necessary, national projects and state programmes in accordance with the Unified Plan.

Instructions for the Government, working with regional bodies of state power, concern special social payments to medical workers providing treatment to COVID-19 patients.

Also, the Government, together with relevant commissions of the State Council, is to provide for the allocation of financial assistance to Russian constituent entities for the development of infrastructure for extended education.

Instructions for the Government and the State Council Commission on Economy and Finance have to do with various aspects of the regions’ fiscal capacity.

Separate instructions were issued for the Government and the State Council Commission on Construction, Housing and Utilities and Urban Environment. They stipulate, in part, the streamlining of construction procedures, the establishment of airport flight safety areas, a procedure for hiring non-citizens for construction and assembly projects with due regard for the sanitary and epidemiological requirements to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection, as well as limiting the increase of prices of construction materials.

The Government and the State Council Commission on Transport are to submit proposals for expanding the programmes of affordable air travel from and to the Russian Far East, as well as regional and local air travel.

Instructions for the Government and the State Council Commission on Communications, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy concern the possibility for people to use electronic documents when applying for state or municipal services without being obliged to present print documents, as well as the use of the public services portal for notifying people about the results of their COVID-19 test and for making coronavirus vaccination appointments.

The Government, with participation of the State Council Commission on Ecology and Natural Resources and the Commission on Transport, is to submit proposals for improving the mechanisms of regulating the activities of foreign trade participants during road cargo transhipment.

January 16, 2021