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Greetings to the participants of the annual final board meeting of the Ministry of Health

April 19, 2024

Mr Minister, colleagues,

Welcome to the annual final board meeting of the Russian Health Ministry.

The smooth and competent functioning of all Health Ministry services directly impacts the effectiveness of the healthcare system in Russia and, most importantly, contributes to strengthening and maintaining health, and often saving lives.

Increasing life expectancy and promoting active longevity are key state policy priority. Therefore, it is important to continue focusing on preventing and treating diseases, including the use of cutting-edge high-tech methods.

In this context, I would like to note that the state guarantee programme for free medical care is expanding annually. This expansion also enhances the Ministry’s ability to even more effectively address the problems of improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare in every region, city, town, and village. Over the past years, enormous experience has been accumulated in this sphere, primarily due to the successful implementation of the national project in this area. Positive changes have taken place in all regions across the country, including our historical territories. Children’s hospitals, rehabilitation centres, cardiology departments, and cancer clinics are reopening after major renovations, or new facilities are being built almost everywhere. Additionally, new Russian medicines, test systems, and domestic medical equipment are being developed. It is crucial to prioritise the training of qualified doctors, nurses, and other specialists, improve the activities of specialised universities and colleges, and use the practice of targeted recruitment in practices in high-demand areas.

It is noteworthy that primary healthcare is being actively upgraded. Therefore, I ask the Ministry to continue providing the regions with all the necessary organisational and methodological assistance for the successful implementation of this extensive and highly sought-after programme. In general, I expect that you will continue to work with utmost dedication in the future, ensuring the introduction of new technologies and treatment methods, setting an example of a caring and attentive attitude towards patients, and promoting the valued traditions of continuity and mentoring, as well as the unwavering commitment to the field of medicine that has always characterised domestic medicine.

I would like to thank the Ministry staff and all Russian medical workers for their hard work, sense of responsibility and selflessness. I wish you success and all the best to you and your families.

April 19, 2024