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Instructions following the President’s participation in the Future Technologies Forum plenary session and his meeting with scientists

April 18, 2024

Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions following his participation in the plenary session of the Future Technologies Forum and a meeting with scientists held on February 14, 2024.

The instructions to the Government of the Russian Federation concern, in part, the procedure of calculating the remuneration under a license agreement as well as remuneration to authors of intellectual activity results that are breakthrough scientific or technical solutions created while performing employment duties or a specific assignment of the employer; as well as special monthly social payments to employees at primary healthcare organisations located in regional centres, small towns, or rural communities.

Instructions to the Government also concern expanding the network of national medical research centres and providing federal budget allocations to this end; stepping up international cooperation in medical science and education; supporting research in molecular allergy diagnostics and vaccine development with the use of genetic engineering techniques; taking non-financial measures to support the creation and development of private research centres, including those specialising in biology and genetics.

The Government has also been instructed to ensure the development and launch, by the end of 2024, of a national project for developing advanced health-saving technologies, which would include efforts to transition to personalised, predictive and preventive medicine; develop regenerative medicine; introduce domestically-produced medications, medical equipment and biomedical cell products; develop and implement personalised nutrition plans; implement biomedical technologies, including bioprinting technologies and those aimed at longevity and active aging; ensure remote monitoring of citizens’ health indicators; implement advanced digital and medical technologies, including AI-based ones.

In addition, the Government has been instructed to ensure the development and launch, by the end of 2024, of a federal project aimed at enhancing the emergency medical care system, including efforts to develop air ambulance service; upgrade admission wards at emergency medical care organisations; and implement advanced training programmes for emergency medical service personnel.

A number of instructions have been given to the Russian Government along with regional executive authorities.

The Government, jointly with Rosatom State Corporation with the involvement of interested organisations, has been instructed to address issues related to creating and implementing next generation materials to be used in various economic sectors, as part of holding the Future Technologies Forum in 2025.

The Government, jointly with the Foreign Ministry, has been instructed to organise long-term cooperation between specialised scientific nuclear medicine centres, including those specialising in the development and introduction of radiopharmaceuticals, as part of the BRICS Summit in Kazan.

A number of instructions have been issued to the Healthcare Ministry, the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities, the Moscow City Government, the Ministry of Sports, and the Roscongress Foundation.

April 18, 2024