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Meeting with Head of the Circle of Kindness Foundation Archpriest Alexander Tkachenko

June 1, 2024, The Kremlin, Moscow

On International Children’s Day, the President met with Head of the Circle of Kindness Foundation Archpriest Alexander Tkachenko.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Father Alexander, I would like to express my gratitude for your efforts in organising the work of the Circle of Kindness Foundation. The foundation is functioning effectively, and you have assembled a team of highly professional individuals who provide nurturing care to children in need of special support. The entire process has been well-organised, with targeted assistance being provided to families and children. However, there are certain issues that need to be addressed and additional tasks that should be accomplished in order to further support your work.

Alexander Tkachenko: Thank you for acknowledging the work of the Circle of Kindness Foundation. As you mentioned, our biggest success is children’s lives.

We have prepared an album for you, which contains deeply touching stories of many children. These stories illustrate how life has been restored within various families and how they have gained a sense of hope and confidence in the future.

I would like to share a few compelling stories that demonstrate how God helps those involved in acts of kindness.

Emil was born in the Primorye Territory. Through mandatory neonatal screening, which aims to detect 36 health disorders in children, it was revealed that he had a severe form of spinal muscular atrophy. Doctors delivered a discouraging prognosis. However, there are certain medications, which are custom made in each case and assist in the treatment of such children, and the Foundation provides them very quickly. This prompt action enabled Emil to begin treatment before the onset of painful and irreversible symptoms.

When Emil's mother found out about his illness, she gave him up. However, the Foundation provided the necessary medication a few days after the diagnosis, and his treatment proved successful. And then a miracle happened: a family in Moscow expressed a desire to adopt Emil. Thanks to the loving care of his new parents and the support from the Circle of Kindness Foundation, Emil is now thriving, just like other children his age.

It is worth noting that children who have experienced illness and undergone treatment possess exceptional kindness and insight. They have a lot to teach adults.

Masha, a twelve-year-old girl who is bound to a wheelchair, recently spoke at the Civic Chamber. Despite her physical challenges, she exudes incredible energy, embraces life, and serves as an inspiration to everyone around her. She has written letters to participants in the Special Military Operations and has rallied her classmates and the entire school.

This book contains numerous remarkable stories about children who have resumed their studies, engaged in sports and creative activities, and participated in various competitions. These children have truly embraced life and serve as a shining example for adults. The Circle of Kindness Foundation currently supports 25,000 children like these.

The parents of these children would like to express their deep gratitude and pay their respects to you for establishing this foundation.

Vladimir Putin: I wish you every success in this noble and compassionate endeavour.

The name of this organisation speaks for itself: the Circle of Kindness. It was established by you and me, and it is now actively involved in pursuing the goals for which it was created. I offer my best wishes for your success.

Rest assured, we will do everything possible to provide the necessary support for your work.

Thank you very much.


June 1, 2024, The Kremlin, Moscow