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Congratulations on Medical Worker Day

June 16, 2024

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Dear friends,

I extend my heartfelt congratulations on your holiday. I congratulate all those who have dedicated themselves to medicine and serving people – those working in outpatient clinics, hospitals, ambulance and air ambulance services, federal medical organisations, rural obstetric and paramedic stations, as well as those performing their duties in military hospitals and on the front lines.

Medical Worker Day in Russia is much more than just a professional holiday. It holds significance for every citizen of our country because medical workers are entrusted with the vital task of safeguarding people’s health. They accompany us from birth, prevent and treat diseases, and save and prolong lives.

Today’s holiday is also celebrated by scientists from renowned medical schools, as well as those in fields such as biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. They all contribute significantly to developing advanced methods of treating diseases, new vaccines, and medications.

I want to highlight that the Russian healthcare system, with its traditions and values, holds significant authority worldwide and continues to evolve each year. Medical institutions in the regions are undergoing modernisation and construction, and advanced technologies and practices are being introduced. While many challenges remain, the progress and achievements thus far provide a solid foundation for confidently pursuing new plans and programmes.

The importance of medicine cannot be overstated. We all came to deeply understand this during the coronavirus pandemic, witnessing Russian doctors courageously and selflessly fulfilling their medical duties. They fought for the lives of each patient, despite facing immense challenges like fatigue and risks to their own health. This period will be remembered in the history of domestic healthcare as a true testament to the dedication of thousands of doctors, nurses, laboratory assistants, and paramedical personnel in our hospitals and outpatient clinics.

Today, during the special military operation, medical workers continue to demonstrate their best qualities: they save the wounded on the battlefield, provide treatment and care, perform complex surgeries, develop and apply new rehabilitation methods, and strive to uphold the morale of our heroes in every possible way.

I express my gratitude to all military doctors for their exceptional professionalism, courage, perseverance, and unwavering kind-heartedness.

Medicine is undoubtedly the most humane profession. Throughout history, a doctor’s character, compassionate care for patients and readiness to provide immediate assistance have been deeply appreciated by society. As the saying goes, a kind heart is the best remedy.

Within the medical community, integrity, mercy, and compassion are valued as highly as a doctor’s skill, knowledge, and responsibility. The majority of Russian medical professionals possess these qualities, which are passed down through generations. It is crucial that medical universities and colleges emphasise instilling dedication to the profession, preparing graduates for the “daily challenge of humanity,” as Anton Chekhov aptly described.

Congratulations on your holiday. I wish you success, good health and all the best.

June 16, 2024