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Draft law submitted to State Duma aimed at countering circulation of new psychoactive substances

October 30, 2014

Vladimir Putin submitted the draft federal law On Amending Individual Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation to the State Duma.

The draft federal law is aimed at countering the circulation of new psychoactive substances that simulate the main chemical structure of narcotics or psychotropic substances and are similar to them in their physiological effect on humans (the so-called “spice”).

The draft law proposes that substances of synthetic or natural origins that cause narcotic or other toxic states in humans, dangerous to human life and health, which do not have medical and epidemiological requirements or circulation control measures established by executive government agencies, be categorised as new, potentially dangerous psychoactive substances and be prohibited from circulation in the Russian Federation.

It is proposed that federal executive agencies controlling circulation of narcotics and psychotropic substances will be vested with the power to form a registry of new, potentially dangerous psychoactive substances whose circulation is prohibited in the Russian Federation. The registry must be officially published, including online.

In order to protect the lives and health of citizens, the draft law stipulates criminal liability for trafficking new, potentially dangerous psychoactive substances, as well as administrative liability for their consumption.

October 30, 2014