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Instructions following a meeting with Government members

February 20, 2015

Vladimir Putin signed a list of instructions following a meeting with Government members on February 4, 2015.

The Government has been instructed to ensure adoption of the federal law on compulsory use of professional standards by employers in state and municipal organisations and also organisations in which the state or a region or municipality holds a controlling stake.

The Government has also been instructed to organise establishment of national applied research medical centres and monitor retail prices for medicines.

The Government and the Presidential National Council for Professional Qualifications have been jointly instructed to draft a national reference guide of professions in demand on the labour market, include new professions and sectors of future interest, and establish a network of independent centres to certify professional qualifications.

The Government and regional executive authorities have been instructed jointly to examine possibilities for establishing state (municipal) pharmacy companies to ensure that the public has access to affordable medicines, and to examine support mechanisms for such companies.

The Government, the regional authorities and Russian Railways (along with local rail passenger transport companies) have been jointly instructed to restore traffic on local railway routes that had been suspended earlier this year.

The Healthcare Ministry has been instructed to develop and gradually introduce a system for automated monitoring of medicines’ movement from the manufacturers to the final consumers in order to ensure quality control of medicines and combat counterfeit products.

The Construction and Housing and Utilities Ministry has been instructed to develop a register of standardised project documentation, establish a database of the most economically efficient projects for repeated use, set standard official prices for construction of non-manufacturing facilities and ensure compulsory use of these standardised projects and prices in construction of social and cultural facilities financed by the federal budget or state extra-budgetary funds.

The Federal State Statistics Service has been instructed to organise federal statistical monitoring in the field of additional education for children starting from this year. This includes gathering information on the number of organisations carrying out additional education programmes and the number of children taking part in such programmes by subject and type of training.

The Accounts Chamber has been instructed to investigate the situation with revenue losses resulting from Russian Railways’ stopping provision of budget subsidised use of general railway infrastructure.

February 20, 2015