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Instructions to enhance the efficiency of medication supply system

December 17, 2018

The President approved a list of instructions following a meeting on increasing the efficiency of medication supply system.

By August 1, 2019, the Government is to make amendments to legislation to create a single register of individuals entitled to free medication and medical products.

As per the Presidential instruction, amendments to legislation must stipulate the free provision of medication to entitled recipients, including as part of outpatient medical assistance.

Legislation must also stipulate the deadline to amend prescribing information in keeping with the newly confirmed data on its side effects, adverse reactions and contraindications.

The instructions also stipulate the improvement of the system of medication supply for treating life-threatening and rare chronic progressive diseases. Measures of state support for domestic producers of these medications are to be mapped out.

The Government and the regional executive authorities are to speed up the introduction of the Unified State Automated Information System in healthcare.

Under the Presidential instruction, this system must include information on the purchase of medication and be used to monitor the unused medication at healthcare facilities and pharmacies.

The system must also be used for planning the purchase of medication for state and municipal needs and include the possibility of introducing electronic prescriptions.

The President has instructed to submit by July 1, 2020, proposals to modernise the system of medication supply.

Certain agencies also have been instructed to analyse violations of production technology by pharmaceutical companies.

December 17, 2018