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Amendments to laws on circulation of pharmaceutical products and on basic healthcare principles

March 27, 2020

The President signed the Federal Law On Amendments to Article 60 of the Federal Law On the Circulation of Pharmaceutical Products and to Article 38 of the Federal Law On the Basic Principles of Healthcare in the Russian Federation.

Under the Federal Law, in emergency situations and/or in view of a threat of the spread of a disease that represents danger for the public, the Government of the Russian Federation shall be empowered to set prices of medicines that were not included in the list of vital and essential pharmaceuticals, as well as prices for medical products. The Government shall compile and approve lists of such medicines and medical products.

A special price regulation procedure shall also be introduced in the case where a 30-percent or higher rise in retail prices of the said medicines and medical products is detected in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation during 30 calendar days after the Government approves a decision to monitor retail prices of the medicines and medical products included in the Government-approved lists.

The sale and issue of the medicines and medical products included in the Government lists at prices exceeding the Government-set prices shall not be allowed during 90 calendar days from the date of the Government approving the lists.

March 27, 2020