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Gala game of the National Amateur Ice Hockey Teams’ Festival

May 10, 2014

Vladimir Putin took part in a gala game of the National Amateur Ice Hockey Teams' Festival organised by the Night Ice Hockey League.

The gala game between amateur players and Russia ice hockey stars took place at the Bolshoi Ice Palace in Sochi. During the game, Vladimir Putin scored six goals, and the game ended 21:4 in favour of the Night Ice Hockey League Stars team.

Before the game, the players held a moment of silence in memory of the civilians who fell victim to the events in Mariupol the day before.

This year, the Night Ice Hockey League festival brought together 114 teams from 55 Russian regions and 12 other countries.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: There are no winners or losers here. This was a friendly game, a show and everybody enjoyed it. It was all arranged to give an extra impulse to the development of sports, and we are speaking of mass sports.

I would like to thank those who played with me and those who played on the other team. They are all wonderful athletes. Look, all these people are in their forties and they all do sports in their free time.

If events like the Night Ice Hockey League games in the regions and the final Cup matches here in Sochi help to get people involved in sports – we can say we have reached our goal.

May 10, 2014