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Instructions following a meeting of the Council for Strategic Development and National Projects

January 15, 2022

Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions issued following the December 15, 2021, meeting of the Presidential Council for Strategic Development and National Projects.

The Government was instructed to take comprehensive measures to complete the construction of all capital construction projects carried out with federal budget funds, as well as to ensure the commissioning of these projects.

The Government was also instructed to provide financing for the construction of such sites in the event of a substantiated increase in Government contract prices while maintaining the co-financing terms and conditions (under a separate instruction, measures to ensure that the actual co-financing levels correspond to the declared co-financing levels should be taken jointly with the State Council Commission on the Economy and Finance).

According to the document, the Cabinet together with regional executive authorities should assess the sufficiency of funds in the regional budgets to be directed towards financing the construction of such sites and take measures to ensure the construction is completed on schedule.

As part of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry national project, the Government was instructed to take comprehensive measures to speed up the implementation of tourism infrastructure development projects and to ensure an increase in the number of sites provided for by such projects to be commissioned in 2022–2023.

Instructions to the Government concern, among other things, the removal of at least 111 unauthorised landfills by the end of 2023 (within the boundaries of the cities included in the Clean Country federal project which is part of the Ecology national project); the implementation of regional programmes for upgrading primary care; the development of a set of measures to prevent unsubstantiated price increases for common minerals; and ensuring affordability of mortgage loans for individual housing construction.

Based on earlier instructions, the Government was instructed to submit proposals for amending legislation related to taking stock of accumulated environmental damage sites and assessing their impact on health and life expectancy, as well as to ensure that doctors spend less time on medical documentation when deploying IT systems at medical organisations.

The Government and the Russian Popular Front “For Russia” national movement were instructed to take measures to prevent the inclusion of residential buildings recognised as structurally unsafe in regional overhaul programmes, as well as to prevent the relocation of citizens from structurally deficient housing to residential housing that does not meet current requirements.

The Ministry of Labour was instructed to analyse the causes behind the failure to achieve the planned indicators of the Demography national project in 2021 in part concerning senior citizens and people with disabilities.

The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service and relevant federal executive authorities were instructed to carry out – on an ongoing basis and in each constituent entity of the Russian Federation – oversight to see that price hikes for construction materials are substantiated.

Separate recommendations were also issued to top officials of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation to personally monitor progress in removing unauthorised landfills and to implement regional programmes for upgrading primary care in 2022 and 2023.

January 15, 2022