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Greetings to the 10th International Sport Forum Russia – Country of Sports

September 29, 2022

Vladimir Putin sent greetings to participants, organisers and guests of the 10th International Sport Forum Russia – Country of Sports.

The message reads, in part:

“Greetings to the 10th anniversary International Sport Forum Russia – Country of Sports, now underway in the Kemerovo Region. Kuzbass is a region that has raised many world-famous Olympic champions, winners of major tournaments, and is rightfully renowned for its long sports traditions.

I would like to note that the sanctions aggression, unleashed against Russia and its citizens, has impacted many spheres, including professional sport. In effect, Russian athletes have been deprived of an opportunity to represent their country, and specialised international sports organisations deliberately ignore the voice of Russia. This situation runs counter to the core sports values such as mutual respect and the principle of sport being outside politics.

Nevertheless, we will always remain a cordial and hospitable country that hosts well-organised and open competitions for representatives of various countries, and that cherishes the ideals of the Olympic movement. And, of course, we intend to continue developing the sports infrastructure in all regions, to streamline the system for selecting, training and supporting talented young people and to do everything possible for retaining the human potential and the best traditions of the national coaching school.

I hope that your forum participants will discuss topical and essential issues in great detail, voice specific initiatives and proposals that will be in high demand and that will help effectively protect the rights of athletes, strengthen international humanitarian cooperation and promote the physical fitness movement and a healthy lifestyle.”

September 29, 2022