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Principles of State Policy on Developing Citizens’ Legal Knowledge and Awareness approved

May 4, 2011

Dmitry Medvedev approved the Fundamental Principles of State Policy on Developing Legal Knowledge and Awareness Among Citizens.

The document sets out the principles, goals, main areas, and content of Russian Federation state policy on legal knowledge and awareness. Its objective is to develop a high level of legal awareness among the public, and promote unconditional respect for the law, public order, and the courts, decency and civic behaviour as the model for social relations, and overcome the legal nihilism that is obstructing Russia’s development as a modern and civilised country. The policy particularly emphasises developing legal awareness and knowledge of the law among young people.

The federal, regional and local authorities, professional legal communities, and other organisations will carry out the policy, working together in close contact with civil society organisations. 

The state policy is based on the common moral values and norms professed and developed by Russia's multiethnic people over the course of their history. Systematic measures to prevent all forms of ethnic or religious extremism or behaviour that violates public morality and law and order, civic peace and interethnic harmony are one of the main components for cultivating a positive legal awareness.

In addition to implementing the state policy, a series of measures will be taken to improve Russia’s legislation and its enforcement, make state and municipal management and law enforcement more effective, fight corruption, and ensure that defence of bureaucratic interests does not replace the pursuit of democratic goals and objectives for the common good.

The document lists the state policy measures to improve legislation and its enforcement; measures to raise legal awareness among state officials, civil servants, and law enforcement personnel; measures in the education, culture, and mass media sectors; measures to support civil society institutions; and organisational and methodological measures.

May 4, 2011