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Video address on Security Agency Worker’s Day

December 20, 2022

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Comrade officers, veterans,

I would like to heartily congratulate you on Security Agency Worker’s Day.

This professional holiday unites people who have chosen hard and demanding service. Those who, sparing no effort and sometimes their life, safeguard our state, society and citizens from external and domestic threats, protect the foundations of the constitutional order and the territorial integrity of our country, and relentlessly combat terrorism, crime and corruption. Throughout the entire history of our Fatherland, security agencies have been a reliable pillar of the state. We are rightfully proud of the deeds of their legendary officers who selflessly served the Motherland and resolutely resisted those who wanted to make our country dependent, weak and divided.

On this day, I want to warmly thank the security services veterans. Your professionalism, resilience and dedication will always set an example for those who are now safeguarding the security and national interests of Russia.

In the past years, our security services have worked very efficiently. I want to thank the employees of the Federal Security Service, the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Federal Guard Service, and the Chief Directorate for Special Programmes for their competence and courage, for being able to promptly deal with the most complex tasks without relying on immediate circumstances.

Today’s rapidly changing global situation and the emergence of new threats and challenges impose high demands on the entire system of Russia’s security agencies. This means that you need to significantly improve your work in key areas, and use your operational, technical and personnel potential to the fullest.

I would like to call attention to the security agency units that have begun their work in Russia’s new regions. Yes, you are faced with difficult tasks now: the situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics, and the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions is extremely complicated.

But the people who live there, Russian citizens are counting on you and your protection. And your duty is to do everything in your power to ensure their safety and respect for their rights and freedoms. On our part, we will continue to supply the new units with modern equipment and weapons, as well as experienced personnel.

Fighting terrorism remains one of the key priorities for all security services, first of all, the Federal Security Service. You have vast experience in countering terrorism; therefore, it is necessary to continue the efforts to prevent terrorist attacks in a system-wide and consistent way.

Crowded places, strategic facilities, as well as transport and energy infrastructure must be under special control. This task falls on the Federal Security Service under the coordination of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee in close interaction with other security agencies.

The counterintelligence agencies, including the military ones, need to show utmost readiness and concentration. It is necessary to put a firm stop to the activities of foreign special services, and to promptly identify traitors, spies and diversionists.

The FSB Border Guard Service must step up its work. The state border is the most important, key boundary for ensuring the country’s security, and it must be guarded safely. Attempts to break it must be prevented promptly and efficiently using the existing capacities and tools, including mobile and special task units.

You must stay focused in such an important area as countering extremism. Belligerent nationalism calls for violence and provocations aimed at stirring up ethnic hatred are a direct threat to our society’s internal unity. Special services must respond to such attempts promptly.

It is necessary to act more decisively in such important areas as the protection of information resources, combatting economic crimes and corruption.

Comrade officers,

State security, the stability of society, and the reliable provision of the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens are the most important results of your work. I am sure that you know it well and will continue to perform your tasks efficiently, and honestly and properly serve the Motherland and our people.

I again congratulate all of you on the holiday and, of course, the upcoming New Year 2023. I wish you and your families good health and success in the new year.

December 20, 2022