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Congratulations on Prosecutor's Office Workers Day

January 12, 2023

The President congratulated current staff and veterans of Russia’s prosecution agencies on their professional holiday.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Comrade officers, veterans,

Congratulations on your professional holiday, Prosecutor's Office Workers Day.

Since its establishment, the prosecution agencies of Russia have always been a reliable pillar of the state, representing the power of law and justice.

Today our prosecutors are working diligently to carry out their responsible mission of strengthening law and order, protecting civil rights and freedoms, overseeing timely and unwavering compliance with the Constitution and laws of Russia, and greatly contributing to Russia’s development as a democratic state ruled by law.

Last January, we celebrated the 300th anniversary of the prosecutor’s office in Russia. It is notable that during this jubilee year you scored new substantial results in your work. In particular, the effectiveness of personal appointments by prosecutors at all levels, during which people receive assistance, protection and answers to pressing issues, has increased.

I would like to praise your efforts to restore the violated rights of pensioners, persons with disabilities and orphaned children. I want to ask you to keep your focus on these matters, as well as to promptly redress the violations of federal economic laws and to protect the rights of entrepreneurs. A clear priority for you is to strengthen the coordination of the law enforcement agencies’ fight against crime.

I would like to thank Russian prosecutors for doing this socially significant work and for their professional and unflinching approach to their jobs. I am confident that you will continue to strictly supervise the proper execution of laws and will protect people against lawlessness, negligence and arbitrariness.

The traditional key areas of your work are the fight against extremism and corruption, the protection of the rights of businesspeople, and environmental protection. It is also important to assist the complex and comprehensive work of integrating Russia’s new regions into the national legal framework, doing everything necessary to protect the constitutional rights and safety of people living there.

I would like to draw your attention to the need for closer supervision of the timely implementation of the state defence order. Special attention must be given to ensuring the rights of military personnel, mobilised people and volunteers.

It should be noted that prosecutors have all the necessary powers to efficiently deal with these and other important tasks. I have no doubt that your will do your best and will also preserve and enrich the best traditions of your predecessors.

I would like to repeat that our citizens must feel protected by the law, while the state must ensure strict compliance with the law.

Once again, congratulations to prosecutors and veterans on their holiday.

I wish you good health and success.

January 12, 2023