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Instructions following meeting with heads of coal-mining regions

August 24, 2019

The President approved a list of instructions following a meeting with heads of coal-mining regions held on August 22, 2019.

The Government of the Russian Federation has been instructed to introduce amendments to the legislation, which are to be developed jointly with the Russian Independent Trade Union of Coal Industry Workers, concerning, in particular, medical examination of workers, particularly those involved in mining work, their treatment and annual check-ups; procedures for special assessment of working conditions (internal environment, light environment parameters, ionising radiation); providing for early retirement benefits for coal industry workers.

In addition, the instructions to the Government concern drawing up a plan for further development of singe-industry towns of Vorkuta and Inta (Komi Republic), including, in particular, supporting local employment and prospects for coal mining; synchronising plans for developing international checkpoints and their access routes with a view of coal export; reclamation of abandoned coal fields; procedure for calculating the mineral replacement tax for coal.

The instructions to the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection and the Ministry of Energy concern developing professional standards for coal industry workers and procedures for the coordination and involvement of trade unions' labour inspectors during events to oversee compliance with labour legislation.

The Ministry of Energy has been instructed to organise measures for advanced coal conversion in coal-mining regions as part of preparing a long-term programme for the development of the coal industry, with particular focus on the prospects for boosting production of liquefied gas and hydrogen from coal.

August 24, 2019