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Greetings on opening of Russian Engineering Union convention

June 1, 2021

Vladimir Putin sent greetings to the participants and guests of the Russian Engineering Union convention.

The message reads, in part:

“At all times, the Russian mechanical engineering industry has employed purposeful and energetic people, professionals with the highest qualifications who thoroughly know and love their work. Many generations of designers, engineers, specialists, and workers have made huge contributions to the country’s industrialisation, and to strengthening its defence sector.

Today, Russian mechanical engineers continue the glorious traditions of their predecessors by implementing impressive projects, introducing advanced solutions, and expanding the output of high-tech products such as microelectronics and electronic components. They are increasing the production of modern equipment, machine tools, lorries, road and construction equipment needed for a qualitative renewal of the infrastructure in the Russian regions.

I would like to underscore the importance of mechanical engineering, with its truly unique innovative and export capabilities, for building up Russia’s industrial potential, achieving its economic and spatial development goals, and improving the quality of life. The government will continue to do its utmost to support engineering companies’ new projects to create competitive products that are in demand, and also to ensure Russia’s leadership on the global technology markets.

And of course, it is vital to continue to bolster the prestige of engineering and blue-collar professions, and to give priority to training new qualified personnel.”

June 1, 2021