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Greetings on the opening of the Taishet Aluminium Smelter

December 17, 2021

Vladimir Putin sent a message of greetings to the participants and guests of the Taishet Aluminium Smelter opening ceremony.

The message reads, in part:

“The implementation of this large project is very significant, not only for the Irkutsk Region, but for the entire country. And, of course, this is an important and significant event for the plant’s future personnel and RUSAL. The new enterprise, complying with the advanced environmental standards, will manufacture highly demanded high-tech products for both Russian consumers and for global car companies and engineering holdings.

Let me stress that largely thanks to RUSAL and its focus on a fundamental upgrade of the aluminium industry as well as the construction of a powerful energy and metallurgical complex in Siberia, the regional economy is developing, modern jobs are being created, the infrastructure of cities and villages is radically changing, schools, kindergartens, outpatient clinics and hospitals are being built, and the quality of life of people is improving.

Special words of gratitude go to researchers, engineers, and specialists in other professions: everyone whose labour and energy put the Taishet Aluminium Smelter into operation.”

December 17, 2021