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Executive orders on internet publication of reports on the work of ministries and agencies

August 10, 2011

Dmitry Medvedev signed a number of executive orders establishing procedures for publishing on the internet reports on the work of state ministries and agencies. The executive orders were signed in accordance with the Federal Law On Access to Information on Activities of State Authorities and Bodies of Local Self-Government, requiring presidential approval of the relevant lists of agencies and types of information to be published.

The executive orders cover the types and periodicity of information that federal executive agencies respectively subordinate to the Russian Government and to the President are to publish on their official sites. 

The approved lists require publication of general information on the agencies in question (name, postal and electronic addresses, information and press service telephone numbers, organisational structure, powers and responsibilities, and information on the agencies’ heads), information on the rules and regulations they draft, and on their current activities, statistical data, information on human resources, on their anti-corruption measures, examination of correspondence from the public and organisations, information on the incomes and assets of civil servants and their family members, and other information on the agencies’ work, taking into account their particular duties and functions.

The lists state the periodicity for online publication of information. Restricted information on the federal executive agencies’ activities will not be published.

The executive orders shall apply to the following ministries and agencies:

The State Courier Service;

The Federal Penitentiary Service;

The Foreign Intelligence Service;

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

The Administrative Directorate of the President of the Russian Federation;

The Federal Bailiff Service;

The Justice Ministry;

The Federal Agency for Special Construction;

The Federal Agency for Supplies of Arms, Military and Special Equipment and Material;

The Federal Service for Defence Contracts;

The Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation;

The Defence Ministry;

The Federal Migration Service;

The Federal Service for Technical and Export Control;

The Federal Guard Service;

The Interior Ministry;

The Federal Drug Control Service;

The Ministry of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief;

The Federal Agency for Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation.

August 10, 2011