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Official website of the President of Russia

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Dmitry Medvedev opened an official account on the Twitter social network

June 23, 2010, San Francisco

The President’s tour of Silicon Valley began with a visit to the offices of Twitter Incorporated.

In Twitter’s offices Mr Medvedev opened an official account on the Twitter social network: 

in Russian – @KremlinRussia, and

in English – @KremlinRussia_E.

Dmitry Medvedev posted his first message on his twitter account.

The two accounts given above are the Russian President’s only official accounts on the Twitter social network. No other accounts purporting to be “Medvedev’s twitter” have any connection whatsoever to the Russian President.

Mr Medvedev’s twitter will have round-the-clock support from a special editorial team of several people.

Twitter Inc. is the company providing the technical support for the site, which offers a system of microblogs allowing users to send short text messages (up to 140 characters) using a web interface, SMS and instant services, or outside client programmes.

The company which used to be a subdivision of Obvious Corp. was founded in 2006 and is now headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA. Its CEO is Evan Williams and it employs around 200 people. In June 2010, it will open a branch in Washington, D.C.

The twitter network had around 60 million registered users as of January 2010, including over 183,000 people in Russia. 

Twitter’s founders are Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass and Biz Stone. As young IT specialists they worked on a research project with the Odeo company on creating a service that would be as simple as possible and allow users to keep informed about their correspondents’ locations. After the project’s successful completion in October 2006, they opened a company under the name Obvious, which managed the Twitter service. After the new service came on the market the number of users started to grow rapidly, and in April 2007, Twitter separated from Obvious and became an independent business. 

The company began turning a profit in 2009. Two joint projects between Twitter and Google and Microsoft on searching the social network’s content have brought the company a total of around $25 million.

The company began displaying advertising on its site in April 2010. Advertisers include big players on the American market such as Starbucks, Virgin America and Best Buy.

June 23, 2010, San Francisco