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Presidential instructions following meeting of the Council for the Development of the Information Society in Russia

August 25, 2010

Dmitry Medvedev approved a list of instructions following a meeting of the Presidential Council for the Development of the Information Society in Russia on July 8, 2010.

Instructions were given to the Government Cabinet on implementing electronic resources in the fields of education, medicine, and culture.

In particular, Dmitry Medvedev gave instructions to include in the national educational standards regulations on providing modern computer equipment and software to general education institutions, as well as providing Internet access using content filtering systems.

The Cabinet, together with the highest executive authorities of Russia’s federal constituent entities, was instructed to ensure the creation and implementation in healthcare facilities of medical inquiry and communication systems, telemedicine technologies, and systems of continuing distance learning for doctors, as well as equipping emergency aid stations and centres with modern automated systems, including systems using the GLONASS satellite navigation system.

The President also gave instructions to create a national library resource based on the digital resources of the largest national libraries, as well as other state and municipal public libraries.

Another instruction concerns the creation of a unified Internet portal to promote Russia’s cultural traditions and heritage with the opportunity to view live broadcasts of cultural, educational, and artistic events, as well as archived recordings.

The supreme executive authorities of Russian federal constituent entities are instructed to equip regional and municipal public libraries with all necessary computer equipment and software, and to provide them with broadband Internet connection, particularly to access the national library resource.

August 25, 2010