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Global Policy Forum in Yaroslavl

September 10, 2010, Yaroslavl

Dmitry Medvedev spoke at the plenary session of the Global Policy Forum The Modern State: Standards of Democracy and Criteria of Efficiency.

The President stated that economic modernisation and technological production are among the most important political priorities in modern Russia, noting that he has not heard a single voice speak out against modernisation; the debate on this subject focuses on the necessary institutions, opportunities, and timeframes.

The President also expressed his views on the criteria that should be met by a 21st century states and universal standards of democracy. Dmitry Medvedev listed five requirements that he believes are essential.

First is the legal implementation of humanistic values and ideals. The President stressed the necessity of reinforcing these values with the practical force of the law.

The second standard is the ability of a government to provide and maintain a high level of technological development.

The third standard is the ability of a democratic state to protect its citizens from criminal associations. The President emphasised that the eradication of criminal elements is the direct responsibility of a democratic society and noted that a democracy must use a variety of functions fully and effectively, including police functions.

Dmitry Medvedev considers the fourth standard of democracy to be a very high level of culture, education, means of communication, and exchange of information.

The fifth standard of democracy, according to the President, is citizens’ personal conviction that they are living in a democratic society.

The President also underlined that poverty is one of the main threats to democracy, pointing out the clear fact that an impoverished individual cannot be free.

Before his speech at the forum, Dmitry Medvedev honoured the memory of victims in the terrorist attack in Vladikavkaz with a mimute of silence.

September 10, 2010, Yaroslavl