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Ceremony launching solar power station

September 4, 2014, Gorno-Altaisk

During his trip to the Republic of Altai, Vladimir Putin followed via videoconference the launch of operations at the Kosh-Agach solar power station.

The Kosh-Agach solar power station will be the largest in Russia and the first dedicated generating unit in the region, which will help the Republic of Altai reduce its power deficit and produce environmentally clean energy.

This will be the first solar power station in the country with a capacity of 5 megawatt. So far, the total capacity of the solar power generating units installed in the country does not exceed 2 megawatt. This is the first of five such construction projects in the Republic of Altai. Their total capacity will come to 45 megawatt.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon,

I would like to greet you all and congratulate you on the commissioning of the Kosh-Agach power station. This is the first generating unit in the Republic of Altai (the republic fully depends on flows from other regions of the Russian Federation). However, it is of special significance that this is a solar power station, based on the power of the Sun.

We have always said that we will give significant attention to renewable sources of energy. This does not seem necessary for this country, the richest in hydrocarbons, and expert assessment shows that despite growing energy consumption in the world, the consumption structure should not change in the next few decades and hydrocarbons will remain as important as they are today. The development of nuclear power will also remain at the forefront. However, for remote areas the use of alternative renewable sources of energy is an extremely important area. This is a good example how it should be done.

It is especially important for such an area as the Republic of Altai. I am referring here to the large number of nature conservation zones and natural preserves, it is a unique part of the country, and our partners in the world are showing an interest in it. This is a unique place on the globe and it is very important that we treat it with care.

This is what I would like to congratulate you on. I know you have great plans, including the commissioning of more power stations: four more should become operable in the Republic of Altai by 2019 with a total funding of over 5 billion rubles. This is a huge amount of work, which will make the production team of this project feel confident because the project has a guaranteed market.

I congratulate you and wish you all the best.


Thank you very much for your work. I know that the number of sunny days here is comparable to that in Southern Europe and the south of this country. Clearly, this project should and will be effective and successful.

September 4, 2014, Gorno-Altaisk