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Greetings on Teacher's Day

October 5, 2019, Moscow

Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian teachers on their professional holiday, Teacher's Day.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Our dear teachers, friends,

Early October is always an exciting time for you. You accept greetings from your students and their parents and, what is particularly touching, from successful adults for whom you opened doors a while back.

For each of us, Teacher's Day is another opportunity to voice the most heartfelt words of appreciation and sincere gratitude to all those whom we consider our mentors, who helped us choose our future and our purpose in life, and taught us the most important lessons of integrity, humanity, kindness, and love for our Fatherland.

Teaching skills and wisdom have always been infinitely respected in our country. You teach people to be honest and sympathetic, and encourage the freedom of thought, creativity and scientific quests, just as you yourselves constantly develop and make progress.

Importantly, your community has a whole array of young talented teachers and school principals. It is your commitment and professionalism that are crucial for Russian schools to be able to respond to today's challenges and remain among the world's best, and provide equal opportunities for students all across our vast country. You contribute greatly to this, and I am confident that you will achieve a great deal in the future.

I wish you every success. Happy Teacher's Day!

October 5, 2019, Moscow