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Address to school leavers and university graduates

June 27, 2020

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends,

This year, school and university graduation parties are held on the same day, making the celebrations even more vibrant, solemn and unifying.

Graduation is a unique and special day. You cross the line into a completely new stage of life that opens up in front of you, where everything will depend on your own decisions, on how you show and apply your knowledge, abilities, and best personal features at your new jobs or further studies.

You are responsible, strong, modern people and thinkers. A wonderful generation. The future is in your hands.

And I have no doubt that you will be able to achieve a lot. You will not just embark on a career, a profession, but you will find your true vocation, your own and special role, a path that differs from everyone else’s. And most importantly, I wish every one of you to be proud of what you do, for your work to be relevant and useful to other people, and to our native and beloved country.

Any successes and achievements that you attain will always carry a piece of genuine support from your mentors, your teachers, parents, and grandparents. They deserve the warmest words, and the most sincere gratitude.

I am sure that you realise how much depends on the reliability of people around us, and you have keenly felt this again during the difficult weeks and months that our entire country has gone through.

The end of this academic year was difficult for you. But in the end, and this is important, you, and your teachers, and families have worked as a team and invested every effort to make this happen – you finished your studies, prepared for your exams, and completed your final graduation projects despite all the odds.

I know that over these past few months, many of you joined volunteer projects at the call of your hearts, and came to the aid of those who needed help. And this experience – the experience of empathy, mutual support, and overcoming difficult trials – will also help you now, and serve as the right benchmark.

My friends,

From my student days I remember one of the first Scarlet Sails graduates’ festivals. It was only just launched in Leningrad at that time and immediately elicited an overwhelming response across the country because it inspired a unique atmosphere of romance, youth and aspiration, faith and hope for new victories.

My wish is that you never stop dreaming and aspiring, and making your most daring plans. If you are confident in your goal, just go for it no matter how fantastic it may seem at first. This is the only way to reach real heights, the new inspiring heights in science, art, sports, in technology, in each and every profession, in your favourite business, and in your entire life.

I extend warm congratulations to you, your families and your mentors. I wish you happiness, love and prosperity.

We believe in you and we know that you will succeed.

Good luck and all the best!

June 27, 2020