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Instructions following the expanded State Council Presidium meeting

October 24, 2020

The President approved a list of instructions following the expanded State Council Presidium meeting held on September 28, 2020.

The Government of the Russian Federation has been instructed to work with State Council working groups to develop indicators for monitoring the progress of the Russian regions in achieving the national development goals up to 2024 and the planning period until 2030. The instructions include, in part, the need to determine the targets for these indicators for each region, create a mechanism for coordinating the fulfilment of national projects in the regions and introducing a procedure for amendments to the datasheets of national and federal projects, which will allow for adjusting the projects in the regions. The instructions also provide for drafting methods to assess the risks during the implementation of the national development goals in the Russian Federation regions.

The Presidential Executive Office has been instructed to work with the Government and the State Council working groups to specify indicators for assessing the performance of top officials and executive government bodies in the regions in terms of the national development goals until 2030.

Instructions for the Government also concern funding for the implementation of the Presidential Executive Order of July 21, 2020, On the National Development Goals of the Russian Federation Through to 2030.

A number of instructions for the Government, issued in order to implement the national development goal of preserving the population, the health and welfare of the people, concern, in part, primary medical care and sanitary aid with due consideration for territorial, demographic, infrastructure and other peculiarities of each region, and the use of telemedicine technology in healthcare, the upgrade of infectious disease services, the construction and equipping of medical centres, as well as the work of medical organisations on preventing abortions, including legal, psychological and medical-sanitary assistance, and the ensuring of their cooperation with social service organisations in these efforts.

Instructions for the Government, issued in order to achieve the national development goal of creating opportunities for self-fulfilment and the unlocking of talent, concern in part, increasing federal budget funding, creating new jobs at general education institutions; providing general and secondary vocational education institutions with access to the internet and building the related infrastructure; developing universities oriented to breakthrough research, creating new types of science-intensive products, raw and other materials, and creating new technology and upgrading existing technology to ensure socioeconomic progress in the territories on which such universities are located; integrating universities and research organisations and organising their cooperation with companies in the real economy; increasing subsidies for programmes for world-class scientific and education centres; and establishing regional mathematics centres as well as regional research and education clusters in priority areas for scientific and technical progress.

The instructions given to the Government for reaching the national development goal of a comfortable and safe living environment are linked, in part, with different issues of construction, including individual housing projects and the implementation of programmes on relocating people from dilapidated buildings. One instruction concerns measures to reach targets on improving the housing conditions of at least 5 million families a year and increasing the volume of housing construction to 120 million square metres per year by 2030. A number of instructions concern the implementation of the national project on safe and quality roads, the drafting of a national project on developing domestic river transport and the funding to maintain domestic waterways, develop transport facilities for expediting passenger traffic to resorts of the Russian Black Sea coast.

In addition, instructions on the national development goal of a comfortable and safe living environment include the need to reduce emissions of pollutants into the air, reduce the discharge of pollutants into water facilities and waste generation; to develop federal projects on the comprehensive monitoring of the quality of the environment and on environmental support for ecological activities and environmental awareness; to conduct research on environmental issues and climate change, to ensure sustainable economic development with low greenhouse gases; to study the environment of the Arctic and the Antarctic; and to implement green projects (with the least impact on the environment) in the Russian Federation.

Instructions given to the Government for achieving the national development goal of decent and effective jobs and successful enterprise concern, in part, different aspects of activities of small and medium-sized businesses, the creation of an institution of qualified exporters with a view to providing additional benefits and the creation of corporate competence centres on labour productivity in the defence industry.

The Government has been given a number of instructions for achieving the national development goals in digital transformation. They concern, in part, creating basic information resources at federal executive government bodies; creating, based on e-government infrastructure, of a system for the online identification of people and transfer of documents entitling a citizen to certain actions in the e-format by means of a mobile application; building the infrastructure for laying communication lines and equipment during the construction and reconstruction of roads and streets; and creating the opportunity for compiling a “digital maturity” rating for the federal and regional executive government bodies.

October 24, 2020