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Address to Russian school leavers

June 25, 2022

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends,

Today is a special and very exciting day for you and the whole of our vast country. In all regions – both in big cities and small villages – school leavers are saying goodbye to their schools and extending sincere thanks to their teachers.

I congratulate you, your teachers and parents, as well as all your near and dear from the bottom of my heart on this wonderful event.

You are quite young and, of course, you dream about many things, seeking to get a glimpse of the future and imagining what your adult life will be like. It is just beginning for you.

You are facing a lot of roads and an incredible number of opportunities. It is very important that each of you can find a path of your own – an occupation in which your talents, abilities, and potential will be revealed to the maximum degree and which you will love.

I believe that it is important to always set the highest bar for yourself regardless of what profession you eventually choose. You should try to solve problems, no matter how small, with honours, to do your utmost with regard to any job at hand, and never surrender or lose heart if something doesn’t play out right away. And then you will be sure to achieve success – personal, creative, and professional – and your dreams are bound to come true.

Now that graduation parties are being held all over the country and there are festivals in the regions in the run-up to the Youth Day, I want to say something very important to you. It is you, today’s school and university students, who will create the future history of Russia, make significant discoveries, set new records, and inspire others with your achievements in most different areas.

I am confident that a few years from now we will hear and learn about these brilliant achievements and will be proud of you and the contribution you make to developing and strengthening our country, as well as to perpetuating its best traditions.

You are open to everything new and you know the value of knowledge; you sincerely love your homeland and are ready right now to join in the beneficial work and act, rather than wait for someone to do everything for you.

Make bold, dream, and march ahead confidently. I have no doubt that you will succeed.

Let me congratulate you once again.

I wish you happiness, prosperity and every success! 

June 25, 2022