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Instructions following meeting of Agency for Strategic Initiatives Supervisory Board

March 2, 2022

The President has approved a list of instructions following the December 16, 2021 meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, an independent non-profit organisation.

Aiming to expand and support youth entrepreneurship, the Government of the Russian Federation and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives shall team up with representatives of leading business associations and review issues pertaining to the legislative formalisation of the concept “youth entrepreneurship,” the creation of a one-stop-shop system for supporting young entrepreneurs, the creation of a legislative mechanism making it easier for young entrepreneurs to conduct their activities, and selecting a federal executive agency responsible for implementing the above-mentioned measures.

The Government and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives shall draft, approve and implement a secondary professional education programme for the North Caucasus Federal District. Asof 2022, they shall finance this programme’s measures, from the federal budget, among other sources.

The Russian Ministry of Healthcare, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and regional executive agencies shall analyse the medical-social assistance provided to children with congenital chromosome defects (Down syndrome) in the Sverdlovsk Region. After compiling the survey, they shall submit proposals on expanding this practice to other regions of the Russian Federation.

March 2, 2022