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Presenting the Banner of the Russian Federal Guard Service

December 14, 2011, The Kremlin, Moscow

Dmitry Medvedev presented the Banner of the Russian Federal Guard Service to the service’s director Yevgeny Murov.

* * *

President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev: Comrade officers, friends,

The Federal Guard Service is celebrating two big dates this year: the 130th anniversary of the founding of state protection agencies in Russia, and the 15th anniversary of the Federal Guard Service’s founding. Today sees another big event in your life with the presentation of the service’s banner.

Today’s ceremony is taking place in St George Hall at the Grand Kremlin Palace. This is the hall of Russia’s military glory. The symbols of the Order of St George, one of Russia’s highest battle decorations, are preserved here, and the names of its holders are engraved on the walls.

“Fatherland, Loyalty, Honour” – these are the words written on the Federal Guard Service’s banner. These are the words that have always guided the Russian army’s soldiers and officers, the words that guide those serving in our Armed Forces today, and that guide the Federal Guard Service too.

Today’s presentation to you of this important military symbol represents the continuation of our finest traditions and the affirmation of your effective work. Of course, it also places great responsibility upon you as the people responsible for guaranteeing the safety of the senior state leadership, protecting the Moscow Kremlin, ensuring the reliable operation of government communications, and carrying out the other duties that are part of your mission today.

The outgoing year was not an easy one. Various events took place, events at home and events abroad. We all know that next year will bring us more big events, some of which will take place here in Russia. I am referring in particular to the APEC summit in Vladivostok, in which foreign leaders will take part. We also have big events coming up too in our domestic political life. 

I am sure that your professionalism, devotion to your duty, and service to your homeland will continue to guarantee the Federal Guard Service’s successful and effective work.

I wish you success and all the very best!

I propose that we now move on to the presentation ceremony.

* * *

Comrade officers, friends,

Once more, I congratulate you on this banner’s presentation.

I congratulate you and your families on the upcoming New Year. This is always a big family holiday. I take this opportunity once again to express the hope that our law enforcement and security agencies will work together as required to ensure the law and order we need for our country to continue its development. Our country is complex in nature and will never be easy to govern, and in this sense, maintaining law and order (in the broad sense of the term) will always be one of the state’s biggest responsibilities. 

Once again, I congratulate you all.

December 14, 2011, The Kremlin, Moscow