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Gala evening celebrating Security Agency Worker’s Day

December 20, 2011, The Kremlin, Moscow

Dmitry Medvedev congratulated officers and veterans of Russia’s security agencies on their professional holiday and on the 20th anniversary of the existence of modern Russia’s special services.

* * *

President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev: Comrades, veterans,

I congratulate you on Security Agency Worker’s Day. I wish you good health and all the very best.

Russian special services are in charge of carrying out very difficult tasks that are directly related to defending the national interests of our Fatherland. They are responsible for our peaceful progress and for the proper assurance of our people’s rights and freedoms. No doubt, knowledge, professionalism and the loyal fulfilment of your duties are most required in your work. I would like to thank you for your commendable service and your achievements this year.

The modern world is changing very rapidly. Unfortunately, these changes are often disadvantageous, and we must react adequately to all of them. This has been clearly demonstrated in the first decade of the 21st century, as well as the start of its second decade. We experienced crises, as well as the traditional challenges. We have nevertheless accumulated a good experience in ensuring security, when it comes to both traditional threats and new ones.

It is imperative that we constantly analyse all global processes, while also being constantly aware of our own soil, i.e. our Russian needs as the purpose of our security agencies is to protect our country.

It is imperative that we bring to light the true reasons for what is happening in our nation and in large regions of the world, to prepare suggestions on how to respond to these challenges employing the most advanced technologies – administrative technologies and technologies that allow us to resolve communications and technical challenges. In other words, the security agencies must be modern. Only then will they may be efficient.

Countering terrorism and extremism remains a key challenge. We must expand the accomplishments that you have achieved in recent years. Indeed, these have been very serious achievements. Regardless of what anyone says or writes, a great deal has been done in this security area, sometimes at the cost of the health or even the lives of your comrades.

Not only must we work on this – we do not have the right to give terrorists any chance of destabilising our lives, destabilising our society – but we must also actively fight corruption, organised crime, and other types of crimes.

Given the increase in global competition, we should also continue our counter-intelligence activities. Russia enjoys a high level of prestige and considerable weight throughout the world, but it also represents a very serious interest for other states. So the new opportunities for increasing business ties, the consolidation of our companies’ positions abroad, must be accompanied accordingly by counter-intelligence measures.

Another fundamental issue is protecting our state security and state defence data. We have much to do in this regard as well, particularly in the conditions of our rapidly-changing world and the cyberspace.

Serious attention should also be given to strengthening our borders. We are implementing the well-known National Borders programme, and in my view, it has already been quite fruitful: we have modernised border crossings and other infrastructure facilities, thereby making our borders modern. Now, we are no longer ashamed of our border facilities; on the contrary, it is clear that this is the border of a great nation, the Russian Federation. Thus, we must continue working on this task, and our border patrol units must be equipped with pieces of new military and special technology.

Colleagues, friends,

On this day, I would like to express my warmest congratulations and words of gratitude to the veterans of the security agencies, everyone who faithfully served their nation and their people, during the years of the Great Patriotic War and in the subsequent decades.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the security agencies in modern Russia. I would like to congratulate the veterans and active agency officers on this date. I am certain that the current generation will carry on the traditions of its predecessors with dignity and flawlessly perform its professional responsibilities. I am certain that this will continue on in the future.

I once again sincerely congratulate all of you on this holiday, and hope that this evening will bring you good moods and positive emotions as they, too, are essential in life. I wish all of your families and friends good health and new successes in the upcoming year.

My best congratulations once more.

December 20, 2011, The Kremlin, Moscow