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Gala evening marking Security Agency Worker’s Day

December 20, 2018, Moscow

Vladimir Putin spoke at the gala evening marking Security Agency Worker’s Day in Russia.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Comrade officers, veterans,

I warmly congratulate you and your colleagues on Security Agency Worker’s Day.

Today we honour the people who have chosen a very difficult but also very important path for the state and society; those who staunchly defend Russia’s national interests and security, uncover and neutralise internal and external threats, and protect the lives, rights and constitutional freedoms of all Russians.

I am glad to see our respected veterans here, too. For you, a sense of duty and your love for Russia have always been the highest value. Thank you for your long, honest and impeccable service.

You worked hard, fulfilling unique tasks in the most difficult times of trial for the country, such as the Great Patriotic War and the period of global confrontation, as well as the war in Afghanistan and many other troubled areas of the world. You have always set the standards of professionalism, showing courage, resolve, integrity and decency.

I am confident that the traditions established by the veterans will be preserved and carried on with dignity by the current and future generations of the Russian security services, who will accomplish the most difficult missions in the country and beyond in the interests of security, peace and the stable development of our Homeland – a strong, sovereign and prosperous Russia.

Comrades, our security services have always been a crucial pillar of the state.

You are given very many difficult tasks, but the key one is to fight international terrorism. Over the past years, the number of terrorism-related crimes has noticeably decreased in Russia. It is your job to strengthen this trend, to maintain tight control over the situation and to expose and prevent terrorist plans.

Of course, you also need to enhance cooperation with the FSB and other security services, working under the auspices of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee to introduce novel operational methods and technical equipment to combat terrorism, considering its global and cross-border nature.

Combating extremism remains a key task. Our security agencies must continue to promptly respond to any encroachments on the constitutional order, to nationalist provocations and attempts to incite religious strife.

It is vitally important to protect our young people from the influence of criminal extremists. This will be your practical contribution to strengthening the unity and integrity of our multi-ethnic society.

We see that Russia’s security has been put to test in nearly all fields, with the activity of foreign security services growing.

This explains the enhanced requirements to our counterintelligence agencies. We must safely block access to confidential and secret military-political, economic and scientific information and ensure the reliable protection of our latest achievements in defence, in some areas of which we have surged ahead of the other leading economies.

The other clear priorities of the Russian security services include the protection of the state border and strategic facilities, providing security services to senior officials and heads of foreign states, as well as ensuring the uninterrupted functioning of our communication and governance systems.

We must also highlight the fight against corruption, acting as the law instructs us, that is, resolutely and effectively. I am sure that your operational, technical and analytical capabilities will help you accomplish this mission.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your colleagues for your honest service, dedication and personal courage.

I wish you every success, as well as health and prosperity to you and your families and loved ones – your parents, spouses and children – all those who love you and who care about you. I know how exacting and responsible your job is.

I wish you and your families and loved ones a Happy New Year.

Thank you.

December 20, 2018, Moscow